Free Trial Trouble

Hello, I’m totally new to this, and wanting to try it, however I downloaded the free trial, installed on my DAW, and it comes up but nothing happens. In the window at the bottom it says “disconnected” then a port number. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Forgive me, I’m old, I have played, and recorded music for 50 plus years, but fairly new to using a computer to do so. Thank You

It’s likely you installed the old version of the software from 2018. The current software is Synthesizer V Studio.

To get started I would recommend downloading the basic edition: index - powered by h5ai v0.29.2 (

And Solaria lite as a free voice database: SOLARIA Lite - Google ドライブ

You can find more information about setup here:

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Thank You very Much!!! That seems to be what I did, and now I’m in the right place, and looks like it’s working now

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