How do people go about manually retuning AI vocals with the automated tuning still on?

How do people generally go about manually tuning AI vocals with the automated tuning on? When people plan on tuning the vocal themselves do they just turn that mode off or do they try to work around it? I’d love if I could keep most of the AI tuning but manually retune some parts, and while that’s obviously possible, is there any way to make it easier, like a way to flatten the AI tuning at individual parts/notes or something like that? I’m very new to SynthV Studio and trying to tune like this reminds me of when I’d need to bring the vibrato envelope down in R1 so I wouldn’t have to draw the pitch deviation line all over the place trying to offset the automatic vibrato, except there’s no AI tuning envelope. What do other people do about this?

Personally I don’t use Instant Mode, but the main points are:

  • If you want to keep Instant Mode enabled, know that changing any of the note positions will cause it to recalculate the pitch, which might override your manual tuning
  • Disabling instant mode will move all of the AI pitch deviations to the parameter panel so you can edit them directly
  • It’s usually much easier to draw pitch curves on the piano roll rather than trying to draw the opposite/additive curve in the parameter panel
    • You can easily “flatten” or overwrite the AI curve by drawing over it in this way

You can also find a lot more information in the following links:


This is all super helpful, thank you!

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