Cubase signature track not suported?

It looks as if Synthesizer V does not support Cubase signature track.
I am using Cubase 12 Pro. In a test song I start with 6/4 signature and then switch to 4/4.
Synthesizer V only supports one signature. If I set it to 4/4 or 6/4, the cursor will eventually de-sync as shown in the picture.
Synthesizer V must support change of signature within a song.
Sorry, not sure how to share a picture. Basically Cubase cursor is on mark 9, synthesizer V cursor is at 7.4

Right click on the time axis to change the time signature at that point.

SynthV Studio currently cannot automatically detect time signature changes from the DAW, so you need to enter them manually.



Thanks Clair, but you mixed Tempo and signature. I am not changing the tempo, just the signature. There is no way to set more than one signature per track.

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Have you tried the “Set Time Signature here” option?


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Oh, sorry, did not see that in your first reply. I did not see this in my menu. Need to recheck. Will reply after checking. That is exactly what I was searching for. Automatic synchronization would be better of course.

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Finally had the time to check this. And yes, I can see this menu, but it seems to be so buggy, that is is basically not usable.
1- I cannot change the signature in the beginning of the song at bar 1 to 6/4. Menu is select-able, but nothing changes.
2- I can change the signature at bar 4 to 6/4, but then I no longer can change it back to 4/4. Sometimes the menu is grayed out, sometimes I can set it to something else e.g. 4/4, but it ignores my changes and stays 6/4.

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Ha, it works! To edit existing signature you have to double click it. Signature is inserted not at the bar but actually within the bar.
When you get used to it it works well.
Now song cursor is synchronized again.
Automatic sync with host is still better of course, but this works.

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