Water is Wide - Folk Song ( Solaria )

This is my second song using Synth V and again it is a folk song. I rather like the juxtaposition of using modern AI vocals with traditional songs that are many years old.
The instrumentation was relatively easy as that is what I do most of the time.

Once again I moused in the notes and added the lyrics and tried to imagine a real vocalist performing this song. It’s seems to be a method that works for me, rather than using a midi track.
I’m pretty sure on this one that I used a click track, to keep things in check.

I wish the developers would figure out a way to record midi on both the DAW track and Synth V, rather than having to export out of the plug-in and then import back in, seems odd some how. I guess that’s why I am not using midi to lay down the vocal track at this moment in time.


really impressive work.


Really really a good job! I like the base track and the voice line. CONGRATS! :+1: