Feature Request - Disable Track Note Display Per Track (Background Display)

When multiple tracks are used the notes of all tracks are ALWAYS displayed
This can become confusing to work with
Some times you just want to see ie. Track 1 vs Track 2 notes and not all track note data
Just like the Parameter Lane also has an option to display which data is seen at the background
So, the request is an option PER track to disable - display track note data on other tracks

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Yes, and it’s not immediately apparent which track you are editing, I was tweaking away and wondering why I heard no change until I realized I was editing a muted duplicate track.

We’re stupid Kanru, can you put the track name in the upper left hand corner in bold text? - addendumb, maybe there is one and I don’t know where to look. :slight_smile:

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Speak for yourself, I’m smaaart - but I like your addendum(b) as well:)

Well, it’s a good thing we got that all out of the way! :handshake:

I’m not so sure I’d want to trust SynthV with anything critical.

I’d do as little as possible in SynthV and leave the heavy lifting to my DAW and studio hardware.