Cakewalk DAW issues help needed

I Use Cakewalk as my DAW.

when using Synth V as a plug in

Does anyone know how to:

  1. Move the midi file of the voice track over to Synth V without saving as a midi file and then importing back into synth V.

  2. When importing the midi (voice) file I have to put a dummy note at Beat 1 bar 1 so that I can align the track once in to the synth V

  3. Is there a way to save the synth V voice track and ASP directly into cakewalk, I currently have to save the file as a *.wav file and then import back into Cakewalk.

Yes, I am using Synth V as a plug in ( in cakewalk DAW ) but still have to go through the process as described above.

When I viewed the video’s on YouTube it appears that in studio one the above 1,2, and 3 seem to work inside the DAW.

Any advice on short cuts appreciated thanks.

  1. There is currently no way to import MIDI without using a file
  2. This would indicate that empty space is being trimmed from your MIDI file. You can simply press ctrl+A to select all the notes in SynthV and drag them to the right.
    (to be clear, SynthV does not ignore empty space at the start of a MIDI file, this is happening in your DAW: How to Keep Empty 'Space' at Beginning of MIDI Clip | Cakewalk Forums)
  3. Most DAWs call this “bounce in place” or “render in place”. It looks like in Cakewalk the feature is called “Freeze Track”.
    Keep in mind this is the DAW quickly capturing the output of the VST, not a full render from within SynthV Studio. If you want to do a full render, you need to do it from within SynthV and then drag the .wav file into your DAW.
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Thanks for the reply.
I can render the track as described by you, but then I don’t have separate Wav and ASP files…when I’m working on the song I have all vocals on one plugin and then save each track separately, when I load back in the files to a track I can then eq and reverb/echo separately. I noticed that on a video I saw of Studio One that it appears the person moves curser and drops the rendered vocal tracks from Synth V onto several vocal tracks. Both the wav file and the separated asp file. looks like I am stuck with the process I currently use.

For aspiration output to a separate track in your DAW you need to select “Track Aspiration Isolated” from the Channel Layout dropdown. Each track will then be sent to the DAW as two outputs. For example:

Track 1 phonation - Channel 1
Track 1 aspiration - Channel 2
Track 2 phonation - Channel 3
Track 2 aspiration - Channel 4

Yes, I do this Asp isolated when I save the file, but I have to save it into a folder first and then, import into cakewalk. I was trying to find is there a way to get it to save the files ( wav & asp ) directly into cakewalk. This is what appears to happen in the studio one video I mentioned.

Perhaps cakewalk cannot do this?

My screenshot is of the Settings panel, not the Render panel. This is for sending the isolated aspiration to a track in your DAW, not to a separate wav file.

If it does work in Cakewalk, it will be using this method:

OK I see ( said the blind man) I understand and I will try out… Thanks for your help