Can't update SynthV Studio Pro

I am on MacOS 11.6.

I have sent a message to Anicute where I originally bought Synth V Studio Pro to get the installer, but I want to find out the cause of the problem so I can get future updates too!

Is there a way to see the install logs so I can find the error?

I haven’t seen this error before, but you may also want to reach out to Dreamtonics directly ([email protected]) for help troubleshooting. If you’re able to turn on (or off) a VPN that might also provide a quick fix.

As a workaround you can always get the latest installer directly from Dreamtonics (Dreamtonics Download). After downloading it you can simply run the file to update your installation.

Thank you! I didn’t realize that I could download the installer from Dreamtonics even though that’s not where I purchased it! I was able to successfully update.

My theory is that the updater tries to create a folder in my Documents folder, but because of a permissions problem (I’m on a managed university Mac) it is unable to create the folder. I’ve had other software fail for similar reasons.

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Ah, yes that would make sense. When the update is downloaded it’s placed in a folder called “Synthesizer V Downloads”, which is separate from the normal installation and user files folders.

On Windows this is at C:\Users\<user>\Documents\Synthesizer V Downloads.

On Mac I’m not sure the exact path… I know that some files are saved in /Library/Application Support/Dreamtonics (settings, scripts, dictionaries, etc), so perhaps the download path would be /Library/Application Support/Synthesizer V Downloads, but that is a guess.

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I bet that’s it. It’s trying and failing to create “Synthesizer V Downloads” in my Documents folder. Next time there’s an update I’ll try creating that folder and see if it works. Thanks for your help!

No idea how to uodate.
There is the button update. On my computer it opens the folder ‘Synthesizer V Downloads’ but that’s it. Nothing happens?
Cannot find anywhere on the site where to download the new version…

Anybody can help me?

If the new installer isn’t in the folder that is opened automatically, you can download it manually from the Dreamtonics website. This same link was already shared higher up in this topic.

Thanks for your reaction.
What was confusing for me that there is no install file with the version number. You run the same file and it knows which version to install?
The voices do it the regular way with the version number in the installer name though…

There is a difference in japanese and western logic… Not complaining. I love Synthesizer V.

When you download the installer, it is the installer for the latest version. Each time Dreamtonics releases an update, they replace the file that is downloaded, so it is not the same file even if it has the same name. The file name does not matter.

I agree that this is better. It lets users compare between the previous release and the new one.

The main difference between SynthV Studio Pro and the voice databases though, is that installing a new version of the voice database does not remove the old one. You can have many versions of the same voice installed at the same time.

Dreamtonics is a Japanese company. It would be better if multiple versions of SynthV Studio Pro were available, but they only allow download of the latest Pro release.

Many users will make a backup copy of the installer and rename it with the version number, so that it is possible to reinstall that version even after Dreamtonics changes the downloadable file.