I meet activation problem and will give a suggestion here

Last year ,2022/05 , I upgrade my old 2015 iMAC to newest OSX 12.6.2 ,
and update SV Editor to V.1.6.1,then SV Edtitor Crash , always stay in first loading pages,
show me the “rainbow circle”.
Even I download the newest SV Editor installer ,reinstall again again again,

I could not solved this issue , forever loading …rainbow circle.
So , I only things could do is to Re-install OSX , and Re-install SV Editor ,
And it work!
So I temporarily solved the problem

This year 2023/01, again
I upgrade SV Editor V1.8.0 on OSX 12.6.3,
I got forever rainbow circle again.
So , I do the same way, to Re-install OSX and Re-install SV Editor ,
Fine ,It work again,

And last month , I bought a new MAC M1,
Yesterday I bought a new library Feng-Yi,and would like to install in new MAC M1,
And I could not activated my SV Editor 1.8.1 in new MAC M1.

Finally , I realize that the activation times been calculated over an over , even only in one same Computer (because reinstall OSX),

So I need to reset my activation code , who should I contact ?

And I will give some suggestion about this issue ( it may happen again again)

Suggestion 1.
Would you consider that to remember the computer hardware’s code such as Device MAC?
then you will be understand this is reinstall in same computer , to avoid calculating over and over.
(Why not de-activated ? Because the SV editor is no longer access into…)

Suggestion 2.
Would you consider authentication through the cloud, such as iLok?

Suggestion 3.
Would you to add an E-Mail customer service with a receipt ?
Because I email to customer service for these issues, and I hope could understood how’s going.

Even now, I don’t know if Dreamtonics received my request email about resetting the activation code?