Solaria Cover - Rolling In The Deep (Linkin Park)

Yeah, my 5th Solaria Cover of 2023
Hope you enjoy!


Yes I enjoyed it! And I really appreciated the deliberate stonings and the gwrowling voice effect. Congrats! :wink:


Hey-Hey, Thank you AlePac, great to hear you like:)

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Great what bluesy power you brought out of Solaria. Great respect!

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Great you enjoy! - This cover taught me aaaa LOT

That was a great one! I’ve been trying to get a similar sound out of Solaria. Would it be possible for you to share the svp file with us?

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Hi Jaaba,

No, sorry the SVP is not available
Although you could get some tricks from the SVP I guess …
But 60% of the result is achieved by having a good vocal chain and mix
If you would listen to the SVP in isolation (especially in this song),
without the correct vocal chain and mix
You would think I was kidding you, - that sounds nothing like the final mix

Maybe I will write some kind of tutorial in the future about my findings and workflow
But I would say, hold on to v1.8.0, cause I know, this is much much harder to do in v1.10
They are changing the software rapidly and it’s not in my direction:\

No problem :slightly_smiling_face: In case you are later going to open your methods a little it’d be great.

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