piano roll copy paste functionality from DAW to synthesizer V

Is there any way to copy and paste a piano roll from a DAW instrument into synthesizer V so the voice is synchronized with the other instrument and i only need to add the lyrics, this would be a HUGE time saver!


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Currently there is no way to do this, it requires exporting a MIDI file from the DAW and then importing to SynthV.

Rendering also requires saving the wav files from SynthV and then importing those to the DAW, unless your DAW has a “render-in-place” or “bounce track” type feature. Though do keep in mind this will use the output of the live rendering, not the settings from the actual Render panel in SynthV Studio which could be slightly different.

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When i import the music file into synth V and i right-click on the track i have the option to set voice, however this doesn’t seem to synchronize the notes or do anything for that matter.

Can you provide me the exact steps to have the voice synchronized with the instrumental track that i implement in synth V so the notes of the instrumental correlate exactly with the notes of the voice?

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Your question is somewhat vague, so I’m not entirely sure where the problem is. What do you mean by “synchronize the notes”?

Whether the notes are correct depends on your MIDI file.

You should also make sure you have the same tempo settings in SynthV Studio as in your DAW (Setting Up the Score - Synthesizer V Studio Unofficial User Manual).

Some DAWs like Cakewalk might trim empty space from the start of a MIDI file, in which case you might need to select all the notes and drag them to the right.

If things don’t sound right after all that, the next thing to do is listen to the difference between your vocals and instrumental to identify what doesn’t match up.

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Whenever i import a track, the vocal will still need to be created fully manually, is there a way to implement a full piano roll on the vocal track automatically that runs synchronized with the instrumental track? This would save immense amounts of time.

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If you are importing a MIDI file from your DAW, this would mean your MIDI file is empty and you are not properly exporting the notes from the DAW.

In your screenshot you have imported a waveform audio file, not a MIDI file. Audio files like .wav, .flac, or .mp3 do not contain individual notes.

If you are expecting SynthV Studio to automatically generate a melody to go with your instrumental, that is not what this software does.

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Thank you for the help, you’re right, it worked, I appreciate all the help, thank you so much!


There’s no need to export/import midi files/piano roll at all.
When you have the midi part finished in your DAW, in the same track as your SynthV plug-in is, then you can hit play in the DAW and hit Rec in SynthV, everything will be synchronised.
It’s how I do in Logic Pro.


Interesting! I had considered trying this but wasn’t sure it would work. I expect it’ll usually be faster to export/import the file than to let the whole thing play out in real-time while recording, but this is certainly handy (especially if you only want a small segment of the MIDI instead of the full track).

The routing will probably be different depending on the DAW, but I was able to do this in FL Studio by using a “MIDI Out” instrument and setting SynthV Studio’s MIDI input to the same port.

Because of the playhead sync limitations, I had to press play in the DAW first, then click the Record button in SynthV Studio twice. Here’s a video demonstration:

Thanks for the tip!


You neither have to click record, just hit the “asterisk” (*) on the num pad :wink:


Oh neat, I had opted for clicking because a mouse cursor is easier for people to follow in a video, but using a hotkey does indeed begin recording without needing to press twice.