Does anyone know how to Email/Contact AniCute?

So I bought a Synthesizer V Studio Pro like, last year. But I decided to clean my google account drive, in doing so I lost the share link to the SynthV Pro downloads. Btw I already tried asking them in the Q&A part of the order, it’s been a week…

Why do I need access to the copies? well I’m usually a windows user but I recently moved over to MacOS, and instead of saving all the SynthV pro Copies, I only saved the windows version. Fun!

So if any of you guys have information on how to contact them, or a way to secure myself synthV pro digital copies (including the Linux and MacOS copies) . Please tell me. :skull:


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You can redownload most installers from the Dreamtonics store, even if you did not purchase directly from Dreamtonics: Dreamtonics Download

As for ANiCUTE contact, their email addresses are [email protected] and [email protected], along with the contact form at the bottom of your Order Details page.


Omg you are a life saver!
Thank you so much.