Decibel limiter for the database

It would be much easier to work with sound loudness if there was a decibel limiter for the database because sometimes some parts will be much louder than others, so loud that sometimes it hurts my ears and that would be bad for the final result, especially for calm songs type.

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The Loudness parameter is used for customizing the volume of each note. You can also use changes in Tension and vocal modes to account for the different tone/volume at different pitch ranges.

If you have the Pro edition and are using the software as a VST plugin you can always apply a limiter or compressor for more consistent dynamics, however it is usually best to adjust things in SynthV where possible. Having effects applied to the vocals while you work can make it harder to notice problems, and you can’t fix things if you don’t notice them.

All that said, if it’s so loud it’s hurting your ears then your computer volume is probably much too high in the first place. Consider lowering it, or lower the master volume for SynthV Studio in the Settings panel.