Vibrato Control

Would like to be able to control the amount of vibrato on certain notes. I realise it is possible to draw new curves, but wonder if there is a way of changing existing vibrato by set amounts - say in 10% steps either up or down?

Please advise.

If you are using the simple expression-based vibrato, created by the sliders in the Voice and Note Properties panels, then you can do this by modifying the depth slider or Vibrato Envelope parameter.

However if you are using Instant Mode those sliders are not used because a simple sine pattern is not sufficient to match the AI-generated curves. You can try reducing the expressiveness of the AI-generated pitch deviations in the AI Retakes panel, or use a script to scale-down the curve after disabling Instant Mode (so that the curve is moved to the parameters panel). Both of those options require the Pro edition.

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Thank you. The ‘AI Retakes’ approach works well for me.