**8 Part Complex Jazz Harmony Choir**

Synth-V Choir - “London By Night”

8 Part Complex Jazz Harmony Choir
I tried scoring an 8-part jazz arrangement by Gene Puerling (performed by the Singers Unlimited) using just Natalie, Solaria, Kevin & Asterian. The arrangement and harmony is quite complex, and I think Synth-V did a pretty good job!


Impressive. Congratulations

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A Classy piece of work there Thomas . . . . intricate harmonies indeed!

The only observation I could make is perhaps to take out the added notes in the last chord,

just leave it as a bare Major?

. . . but that’s just “me” . . . :crazy_face:

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It’s not my arrangement, I copied it note-for-note from the sheet music by Gene Puerling, and it is considered one of his most famous arrangements. Because it has such thick harmony in places, I wanted to see if Synth-V could handle this degree of complexity.

As far as the last chord is concerned, many composers have talked about that last chord (which is a simple G-Major triad in the women with an F-Major triad in the low men.) I suppose you could call it a bi-tonal chord, but the key is actually G-Major. Most composers add extended tones in the higher voices, stacking up, whereas Puerling sometimes stacked down, adding the tension tones in the lower voices (and I don’t know many others who did this like he did.)

If you heard it wrong, you are not the only one, but perhaps I mixed it badly, so listen to the end of the original recording (here) and see if maybe I can fix this (reduce the volume of the men, maybe?)

Singers Unlimited - London by Night

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No - I don’t think its badly mixed. Having listened to both - I think you have done it well.

SVS has indeed done a great job :+1: That last chord sounds (to me) the same as the SVS version.

As a singer myself I know the musicianship on show here IS of a very high order.

Intonation HAS to be spot on or it sounds a mess . . . .especially with such chromatic harmonies.

NO hiding places with a-cappella . . . :cold_sweat:

of course - no such problems with SVS :wink:


I realize that Synth V can sing anything you throw at it, perfectly in tune, so I purposely arranged a simple song with a lot of chromatic harmony and passing notes. I doubt if real choirs, except expert professionals, would be able to perform it live. Here it is:

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Another superb piece of work - well done!

It would take exceptional singers to perform that well . . . . .

I would guess the “Kings Singers” or “Swingle2” would have the skills?

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