2 Original songs with Natalie and Solaria on main vocals

Normally Natalie is my preferred singer, however the second song was too high for her so Solaria jumped in :slightly_smiling_face:
BG-vocals are Weina and Cong.

A World is Waiting for Me: Natalie Lennox - A World is Waiting for Me (Lyrics Video) - YouTube
One More Time: Solaria - One More Time (Lyrics Video) - YouTube

Turn up the volume and enjoy!


BOTH Songs very nicely done!

Excellent realism . . . .


Thank you for your nice comment, parametric. Much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

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Both songs sounds great, A slight preference for the song with Solaria, but really good job


Thanks Sucrepop for your positive feedback.
I have the same preference, not because of Solaria, but because I think the second song is just better, no matter who sings it.


Just WOOOW!. Well done, congrats! :wink:

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Thanks AlePac for listening and your positive feedback.
Much appreciated :+1:

Are beautiful both songs and I liked SO much :sparkles::blush:

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Thanks Johann, MUCH appreciated :sunglasses::+1: