Synthesizer V Kasane Teto: New Feminine Japanese Voice from Twindrill & AH-Software

Beloved Japanese UTAU Kasane Teto is making her Synthesizer V AI debut and will be releasing on April 27 as physical and digital copies, with a Lite version coming as well (later confirmed for May 2023)! Check her out!

She’s got 5 demos and 4 Vocal Modes: Joyful, Cute, Power, and Mellow
Recommended range of D3 - G5


Oh my god.

She sounds so good.


Oh, wow… That’s amazing!
I’m really impressed how well her vocal character still shines through.


I’m sitting on the train right now… I have to compose myself… I’m OMG!!! I can’t believe! I- :scream_cat::partying_face::face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:
I can’t listen until I get to work, but I can’t wait!!!
Edit: OMIGOSH! She’s retained her charm, and still sounds like the Teto-chan I love! This is a dream come true :pray:


Oh my god. I just woke up and heard this and had to convince myself twice that this wasn’t some kind of april fools joke. She sounds so good but I didn’t see this one coming at all. :exploding_head:


For those unfamiliar who might not know the scale of this announcement, Kasane Teto is a character and UTAU voicebank first released in 2008.

In the 15 years since, she has been used for at least 7735 original songs (that’s more than every SynthV original song combined!) and she has seen increasing popularity in recent years.

So this is a pretty big deal for SynthV as a platform, especially in an environment where popular character-based voices such as KAFU have driven success for CeVIO AI (one of SynthV Studio’s main competitors).

On a personal note I’m very impressed by these demos. It’s still so clearly recognizable as Teto, despite the move from UTAU to SynthV AI. Her power vocal mode sounds very strong, like actual belting, which is something that has been sorely lacking in most voices that aren’t Solaria or Ninezero, so that is a great sign.

We haven’t heard any cross-lingual yet, and I somewhat doubt any English recordings were used in her development (despite Teto having an English UTAU voicebank). Personally I don’t mind this from an accent perspective, and I’m sure even if there are some phonemes which sound off she’ll be significantly easier to use than her CVVC UTAU was (I tried once… it didn’t go well…).

You can find more about Teto’s history on VocaDB and the SynthV Wiki.


New feminine Japanese voice from Twindrill:

TETO hates people who think her pigtails are actually drills. She can also be narcissistic at times and loves getting attention. She gets very angry or sad if someone has bread and does not share it with her. TETO enjoys teasing people…

Oh, my, the drama… but, stories sell! Quite the writeup. And to think she actually was “invented” by April Fools trolls, and then announced on or near April 1st just recently.

Very interesting marketing!

I’m looking forward to how the forum receives her once she is out. Samples are usually the best they can be with a lot of unseen effort.

Synth-V seems to have moved us more towards realism. It might not be as hard as I’m making it out to be. Time will tell.


Oh my goSH GOOD FOR HER GOOD FOR THEM, this is great !!! Gosh she still has a considerable amount of her UTAU voicebank timbre, it really sounds like her.

Golly, this makes me emotional. Teto (& the creators who fully utilized her) had been one of the driving forces back in the day that got me invested in the synthesized voice scene in general, and recently it was playing around with her in UTAU that convinced me I should give SynthV a go. This update is poetry, really.


Note, by the way, on her voicebank: it seems like if you’ve bought and registered products with AHSoft before, you are able to get Teto’s physical version at a discounted price!


TETO was featured in the AHS 190 livestream!

Through this stream:

  • You can hear Teto sing in English Cross-lingual Singing Synthesis: a cover of “Dancing in the Binary” that originally featured Tsurumaki Maki
  • The Lite version is expected to release in May.

VocaSphere has compiled much of the announcement information here, along with the various points discussed on the livestreams:


New short and sweet demo featuring TETO’s English Crosslingual Singing Synthesis!


Kasane Teto Lite is now finally here for everyone to try~!