Distortion on longer notes (and other questions)

new here so a bit clueless, I’ve noticed some of my longer notes have distortion… also, how do I soften the start of a word, and how do I control how much vibrato…
Sorry for my ignorance…

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also how to achieve rolling R’…?

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For basic usage of SynthV Studio you should start be reading the Quickstart section of the unofficial user manual:

Can you provide an example? That’s not a normal behavior, but there’s not really any way for people to help without knowing which voice database you’re using and being able to hear what you’re referring to.

Adjust the parameters at the points where you want a softer sound (in this case, either reduce Loudness or Tension, or increase Breathiness). If you’re using the Pro edition some voice databases will have a “soft” vocal mode you can enable.

There are multiple ways to do this, and it depends on whether you’re using Instant Mode or not.

More info here: Vibrato Control - claire の #2

There is no support for rolled R sounds, so each voice database will be a little bit different. Usually this will be alternating between two phonemes quickly, for example a Japanese voice using r cl r cl r cl r or an English voice with either dx cl dx cl dx or dx ax dx ax dx.

This example works with Tsurumaki Maki, but might not work with other voice databases.



@Alon_Shimon_Shai_kas ,Try this in the english voice as @claire Claire said, put always the “duration” of the r in the phoneme to 20% and tweak and slice all the other to your need.


The volume of your track is way too loud :slight_smile:

Screenshot 2023-04-05 at 00.02.23


Yes, the volume of my laptop is set way to low… :joy:

lower the volume of your tracks and the problem during your export will disappear :slight_smile:

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Wich problem? :joy: I just had my laptop on low volume for other reasons and put the track volume up just to hear it myself… My answer to this post is concerning about the rolling R… :joy: :+1:

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