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Hi all. Not sure if this is posted in the right place but here goes [mod please move post if not in right section]

On the Dreamtonics store page for Nine Zero, there is a section that says “When you purchase Ninezero from Dreamtonics Store, from the download page you’ll receive a bonus Vocal Phrases Pack of 200+ short, expressive phrases recorded by the singer himself. These samples can be used to add extra emphasis, excitement, or emotion to your vocal tracks.”

I cannot seem to locate the bonus pack as the download is just the .svpk file.
I bought Nine Zero as part of the bundle. Any ideas?


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I haven’t purchased Ninezero, however based on how the Dreamtonics Store works I’d guess the following:

  1. A separate link in the order confirmation email
  2. A dropdown on the download page (maybe they included it as a “version” of the voice database?) Dreamtonics Download
  3. If neither of those are the answer, I suppose you’d have to email Dreamtonics and ask ([email protected])

I believe Ninezero is also sold by AHS. Similar downloadable bonus content for AHS products is typically downloaded from your AHS MyPage after registering the product (though I’m fairly certain purchases from the Dreamtonics store cannot be registered on AHS MyPage).

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Hi Claire.

Many thanks for your reply. I suspected that it may be the fact that it was bundled from the Dreamtonics store. I’ll check out those ideas.


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When you purchased NineZero this was included at the bottom of the Dreamtonics license email for NineZero:


Ninezero Vocal Phrases Pack
This collection of data contains Ninezero’s vocals, recorded separately from Synthesizer V AI Ninezero, and is stored in an uncompressed Wave format (24bit/48kHz). Please use it to supplement the usage of Synthesizer V AI Ninezero or to expand the variety of your music.

This is followed by a download link button to download the NineZero samples zip file.

I’m sure you overlooked it (easy to do).

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Hi. Thanks for the info but the eMail (with the activation codes) only has 2 links, 1 for Synth V and the other for Nine Zero.

There’s no section as you have described. I’ll check with Dreamtonics.

Thanks for the reply though.


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I have the same question.
There’s no link to additional content in the mail supplied.
Can’t find it anywhere.

Send an email to [email protected] with your order number and an explanation of the issue.