My condolences to JUN, but obviously I have to purchase THE QUEEN of synth vocals.... Kasane Teto 👑

I was seriously considering buying JUN after the demonstration of his “Tsubaki” vocal mode, seeing as that’s the first time I’ve seen that innovation. (He has a vocal mode to aid in his JP X language synthesis)
Unfortunately, KASANE TETO FOR SYNTH V just got freaking announced… And she’s releasing on April 27.
:skull_and_crossbones:A moment of silence for JUN.
I have been wanting kind of a ‘coarse’ female vocalist anyway. Plus I already have Xuan Yu in my library, and I feel like he’s just JUN but cooler. I really just thought JUN had a new and unique vocal mode.

Already, I have SLAMMED that pre-order button for Teto, but I am sort of hoping that she has decent english x lang capabilities. Especially considering that UTAU Teto actually HAS AN ENGLISH VB (although sort of streamlined). It would be hype as all hell if they recorded some extra english data for her!

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