Does anybody know the background of the Kevin voice

Hi there. I am recently doing a project with the Kevin voice (not covers, some original work) and I am hearing a strong accent which comes from a person where English is not their first language, it sounds like some kind of European voice speaking English. Does anybody know if this is the case?

For instance in Solaria and Asterian, this is not the case. Their english sounds like American english. Any info appreciated, thanks.

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Kevin’s accent was mentioned to be American English in this article (from before we knew the name “Kevin”):

Dreamtonics is determined to diversify the line up of voices. A male AI voice database native in American English, first teased in June 2021, will be available for purchase in early 2022.

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Thanks Claire. I don’t understand why he has an eastern European accent in this song I’m doing. And this is a very straightforward song, no crazy ranges, no strange melodies. I’ve heard other people’s use of Kevin, and he doesn’t have an accent. Not knowing enough about these voices, I don’t understand where this accent is coming from. I’ll write Dreamtronics, maybe they have a suggestion why this is happening. Thank you again.