[Request] All for viewing all notes to piano roll on the left side

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Currently the piano roll only shows the note “C” and unless you play piano you have no idea what the other notes are. In FL STudio for example you have the option of showing a piano on the left side, just the c note or just showing the notes entirely. This would help folks who write strictly on the computer to quickly be able to make sure their notes are lining up with the song they’re writing instead of having to guess if its the right note by ear.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the example that FL Studio has available for easy understanding of the notes on the left side. If there was a way to just switch between regular piano and just the notes that could be used in the viewer that would be incredible helpful.

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This is not a bad idea for those who need it, but an even more useful function would be to display the name of the note as you hover over it anywhere in the piano roll, so you don’t have to look all the way to the left to identify the note then apply it to somewhere else far to the right.

It actually took me a lot of time to learn to “read” the grid and instantly know the name of notes in the piano roll, because I don’t think that way, but with time I can now read the piano roll like a keyboard. If they would please make the contrast greater between the white and black notes that would be great. If CamBom’s suggestion to have a “toggle” button to change the name of the notes on the left, why not have a toggle to show the name on every note across all the spectrum, since that is where you are working when you are entering notes?

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I would also like to suggest that it would helpfull to hear a note as you enter or move it. :slight_smile:
(As it is in melodyne)

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