Missing Track Manager

Hi and thank you to the forum for quickly solving my previous problem.
I hope this one is just as simple.
All I want to do is change the track name, and from the online manual, this should be easy via Projects>Track Manager.
The problem is that I do not have Track Manager as a menu item.

How can I change the Track name please?

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There is no Track Manager in SynthV Studio. The official manual still refers to the old software from 2018.

In SynthV Studio tracks are managed in the Arrangement panel. To change the track name, double click it.

I’ve added a note about renaming tracks to the unofficial manual:


Claire, thank you again for your help. I can’t believe that I didn’t try that myself. The absence of a detailed manual by Dreamtonics makes even simple tasks frustrating, the unofficial manual which I’m assuming is of your making is a great help. Thanks again.

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