Kevin is singing a Green Day cover - my first project.

Hello, some time ago I got interested in SynthV. I watched some sample songs on YouTube, stumbled upon this forum, read a bit, and about two weeks ago, I bought SynthV. I played around with Solaria Lite for a bit and a few days later, I bought Kevin’s voice. I grabbed my guitar and created this. I apologize for the mix because I’ve only recently started learning all of this.



Push the vox up oh, 2db? Sounds like Green Day is Kevin’s calling!
Excellent performance.

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oh My, I am in the middle of making this one too :slight_smile: great job anyway

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Thanks for all the tips :slight_smile:

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Hello for the second time :slight_smile: I would like to get information because I do not know English at all, how it sounds and when it comes to accents. Please do not pay attention to the background music because it is only a sketch for the text. Thank you very much in advance for any tips :slight_smile:

Stream Test by madbalek madbalek | Listen online for free on SoundCloud)

I think it’s made for Californian punk, among other things