Natalie's goat vibrato in Instant Mode

Although being a great voice, Natalie in Instant Mode produces an unnatural (annoying) tremolo-like fast goat vibrato at the end of longer notes. It cannot be controlled with the vibrato settings. Is there any way of disabling that? Is it possible to omit some notes in the Instant Mode? Or how do you more experienced users deal with it?

If the Instant Mode is not enabled, the fast tremolo isn’t there, though, but then much more tweaking is needed to get a more natural sound overall.

Instant Mode can only be enabled for the entire project or nothing at all.

Disabling Instant Mode will move all the pitch deviations to the parameters panel where they can then be deleted or adjusted.

Keep in mind that Instant Mode is just a fast (and less customizable) way to run Auto Pitch Tuning automatically as you adjust the notes. If you just run Auto Pitch Tuning manually on one note selection at a time you’ll have much more customizable control over what it does (especially if you use the extra sliders available with the Pro edition).

So really the answer is, unless you just want a quick “prototype” of a track, you probably shouldn’t be using Instant Mode at all, except perhaps as a starting point for additional adjustments.

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