Purchased Astarian but did not received email (Plus error) UPDATE

Hello, I am running into a endless loop of my problem.

I purchased Astarian via eclipsed sound using 4x payment this morning (in france), Although I clicked “place an order”
It told me there was an error, I clicked twice and refreshed to make sure it wasn’t an error on my internet side.

Now I got credited 21,75 eur twice and Never received any mail about my order.
Despite contacting Eclispe sound, I never got an answer. So I am out of solution.

Anyone who can help me by suggestion or has been in the same situation as me? If I have not answer under 24 hour from eclipse sound. I may contact paypal.

UPDATE : eclipse sound has answered me and said they didn’t received my order i placed and apologized for long answer and the error, So it must be likely an paypal error side.

I contacted paypal hoping that they give me an solution.

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Eclipsed Sounds usually responds to messages pretty quickly ([email protected]), but their entire team is currently at a convention so it may take them longer than usual to respond.


Alright, I’ll wait in this cases. Thanks for your answer.

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I bought both Solaria and Asterian a few weeks ago, and had a similar issue. I bought them on a Saturday morning (Europe) and didnt received the automated email with my codes. I waited 24 h and then I sent them an email. They didnt reply so I sent them a message through their website.
They finally replied twice (to both my messages) with my codes on the next monday evening (Europe, they are in US so was probably working hours there and probably didnt reply before that because it was weekend).
They were surprised their automated email system hasn’t worked in that occasion, apologized for it and sent me the codes.
There might be some bug with their system, since ut seems it didnt worked for you either.


Eclipsed Sounds only has four employees, all located in the US. They’re not some international company with 24-hour support staff.

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to give them a little slack for not working overtime on the weekend, or taking a bit longer to reply while travelling. They have a good history of fixing issues and prioritizing their customers, so things will surely be resolved if you just have a little patience.

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I was ot trying to critisize them. Just described my situation. I totally understand people can not be 24/7 on their emails. They were absolutelly fantastic once they replied to me. It just seems there was some bug on their automated system. Apparently it was only implemented recently and all things need some real life work to detect minor issues and implement fixes. I love what they are doing, I want to support their company and will purchase their new release once it is out.