metal in progress with NineZero - feedback appreciated!

Another metal song with synthV Ninezero, with Solaria and Asterian as backing. Still in progress, betetr mix, mastering and maybe more synths are required…

Any help/suggesion/comment/critique will be appreciated.

I started from a raw mix made something like 15 years ago, without any vocals. I never found a singer for this song until I discovered SynthV. I imported the old file, made a vocal line and at the same composing the lyrics, then imported the WAV in cakewalk and redo the song almost from scratch.

I used MODO Drums, Jamstix, Amplitube and NI Monark (plus several NI/IK effects)

Lyrics (the basic concept is mine, I used chatGPT and Reverso to get ideas and to brainstorm):

they are deceiving
they are misleading
you will believe their words
a captive mind, a life confined

our brain
can’t conceive what is the
real world
There are secrets we can’t
still devise
looking for an answer
we won’t understand
We search for the truth in every
place but
these illusions darken
our insight
what we long for seems to hide
behind a shroud

what if all we see
Is not what it seems to be

they will mislead your eyes
they will deceive your sight
You will believe their words
a captive mind to be confined

This cage,
traps ourselves and limits
our choice
these are forces we cannot escape
just illusions that defy
our life
we seek
to be free in the world we
live in
Seeking answers to where we’ve been
Our minds have been fed with
a lie

it’s an illusion it’s not our life
there’s no control we live an hoax
we have been blinded, can’t see what’s real
part of a code in a game unknown