Integration with Logic and MainStage

I’ve been using Synth V daily, for a week now. I’m pretty well understanding of the nature of the beast and how to get what I want out of it vocally. Problem is, I can’t get it to render properly so that I can use the vocal mix in MainStage after I have spent hours building the vocal track in Logic.

What happens is, the bounces that I create in Logic don’t sync up properly in MainStage. They either start at the wrong point, or they are off tempo with the track when I try to sync up in Mainstage. Either way, it makes this app worthless as a harmony generating device if I can’t solve this problem.

Several errors come up in using this app with Logic. First of all, the timing issues with bounces.
Secondly, the transport regularly apparently disconnects with the host DAW. When Stop is clicked
on the Logic window, Logic does stop playing, but Synth V keeps running. And worse yet, you can’t stop S V even with its own controls. You have to shut down the project and reopen it to get control back. This happens on a regular basis.
There are a number of issues with keeping changes that you make on the various voice tracks. Too many to go into, but suffice to say, that engineering at Dreamtonics should look more closely at integration with Logic if this app is to be more widely accepted as a pro level tool. Right now it isn’t that.

I’ve written to Dreamtonics regarding some of these issues but have not heard back in over a week.
The manual refers to areas and items in the app that, when you go to the app to look for a particular setting to adjust, it’s just not there. I have logged over 50 hours working on this app over the past week, only to find today, that none of the work I’ve done is going to be usable in MainStage, which was my reason for purchasing this in the first place.

If anyone can point me in the right direction for current information, or knows someone who is successfully using the app with Logic, please drop me a reply with that information. I am just about to the point where I’m considering dropping this app from consideration…considering all of the problems I’ve mentioned. It’s too bad, because I’ve found ways to make this very usable for background vocal generation. I just can’t manage to get the end product to sync up reliably with MainStage from the bounces I get. There’s something missing in the transfer function from S V to Logic bounces into stems.

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Unfortunately I can’t help much with the DAW compatibility issues other than relaying other things I’ve heard from these forums, but as far as the documentation goes the official stuff is not for SynthV Studio, it’s for the original Synthesizer V software from 2018.

You can find up-to-date (unofficial) documentation here:

Is this using an in-built DAW feature? You might have more success rendering a wav file from within SynthV Studio and importing that to your DAW.

(of course the DAW playback should be functional, but I don’t really have any ideas for how to resolve that or a Mac device to investigate it myself so barring any assistance from Dreamtonics or someone who uses Logic successfully, the workaround approach might be required)

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