1.9.0b1 Basic - Left ear only keyboard (Bug?)

Just downloaded 1.9.0b1 basic and was excited to test it after witnessing the latest official Youtube video showing off this release’s latest features. However, there seems to be an unusual bug that was not present in the previous basic version:

Sound for synthetic voice tracks are only coming out of the left ear.

Additonal things to note:

  • It does not affect tracks other than voiced ones.
  • The pan slider does nothing to resolve this.
  • I am running this on a Linux system (Linux Mint 21) so it may affect only this version.

I sincerely hope this is not a new limitation of the basic version, as such a function makes it near unusable. If that is the case, please reconsider for future basic versions.

EDIT: Correction, this affects only the keyboard synth and the sounds it produces, it does not affect the actual voices for the track in question.

Kind regards,
Hazy Skies

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