Ninezero ver 101b1 Muted vocal mode bug

After installing Ninezero’s 101b1 vb, I noticed that his Muted vocal mode is somehow bugged. It doesn’t actually work at all

The waveforms for ver 100 differ and the actual sound differs too, Muted actually makes him more muted

The waveforms for ver 101b1 look and sound exactly the same, Muted vocal mode does absolutely nothing to the voice, so I assume it’s an unintended bug.
His exhales at the end of some notes are also inadequately loud, mechanical, off-pitch and tend to end abruptly, which wasn’t an issue in ver 100.

Hope to see the bug fixed with the full release, really excited for the new update! The quality of the cross-language synthesis and quality of voices in general became a lot better.

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