Reminder: The best way to report bugs is to email Dreamtonics

With the latest beta version, I’d just like to remind people that while posting on the forums is helpful to let other users know about issues and discuss things, it has historically been an unreliable way to get information to Dreamtonics.

When reporting bugs or providing feedback, you will be more likely to reach the developers if you also send an email to [email protected] with a description of your problem and/or a link to your forum topic.


Source on that info?

I’ve seen bug fixes that seemed to come straight from forum post suggestions. But I guess that could be a coincidence.


No direct source, but we’ve also seen issues get reported on the forums during a beta phase which end up unresolved, and Dreamtonics doesn’t actively confirm receipt of the bug reports here, so there’s no way to know if the things that do get fixed just happened to also be reported through other channels.

With email bug reports during a beta phase people usually get a response acknowledging their message.

Until Dreamtonics actually confirms that they monitor the forums it’s probably best to take the option we know they pay attention to.

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ohhh very cool, good to know!

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I thought this was the official way to report bugs. Thanks for the clarification. I’ve sent my report via email as well.

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If they don’t come here during the beta phase at least to give a cursory glance then they are more narcissistic than I had ever given them credit for. No, I’m not being inflammatory for fun. If they really care whether their code runs as best as possible then they would gather feedback from wherever they could. They don’t even have to engage us.

Why not at both places it helps everybody up and down the line I could sit here for hours working on a problem and then read about sombdy else with the same problem instantly and I know it’s not just me, it would take hours or days before your people would get back to me.

Yep, that’s why I recommended linking to your forum post in your email to support in addition to describing the problem.

Plus if they get more emails saying “hey I’m having this issue, I also made a forum post about it” maybe Dreamtonics will be more inclined to monitor the forums in the future.

I’m just a user, I have no affiliation or connection to Dreamtonics.

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Then how did your post get pinned/banner’d to the top? :open_mouth:

I think @LinR_PN has the ability to do that, and they’ve been the one to pin important posts in the past. My forum role only gives me the ability to recategorize and retag posts.

Both of us are still just users though, I’ve personally never spoken directly to anyone from Dreamtonics, except for receiving confirmation after reporting bugs by email.


I’ve sent email to support at dreamtonics, but that was a few weeks ago, and no response. I wonder if anyone actually reads them. The biggest shortcoming with Synthesizer V remains its inherent inability to sync to tempo tracks in DAWs, namely Logic. For that reason alone, I find Synth V unusable. No way to line up midi markers and bounce any SV tracks down for use in anything like MainStage. No sync, no use. Had I known about this issue when I first saw SV, I would never have purchased it. Let me know if you ever hear from Dreamtonics about solving this problem. Until then, this is just a kid’s toy.


We should all be grateful for all Mr.Hua has given us.
I can’t sing for s**t.

But the culture has become very black box since Dreamtonics. This is unfortunate and might be their ultimate demise should another entity come along with the goods and excellent installed base relations.

I don’t expect Karu to engage us as historically, engineers don’t make good marketers due to the fact that we tend to blurt the truth. Hardware and software can’t lie, if it does, it doesn’t work right and nobody will buy it.

Dreamtomics and the installed base all owe a debt of gratitude to our Claire as good heavens, Claire does all this babysitting and is not apparently marched out here by corporate.

I can’t speak to how they decide which emails to respond to, but they do at least read them. I received this response to a bug report regarding 1.9.0b1:

Dear Claire,

Thank you for reaching out.

We have forwarded your issue to our dev team for consideration and fixing it when further optimization is possible. We hope you have a nice day.


Dreamtonics Support Team

On a separate note, I would expect your issue is unlikely to be addressed anytime soon. This is largely speculation, but is based on the nature of the limitation. It might be one thing to implement ARA2 and detect tempo changes from an entire timeline and automatically insert tempo changes in SynthV Studio, but adapting to Logic Pro’s Smart Tempo feature is a whole other endeavor.

For most people, the tempo limitations are a minor inconvenience in which you enter a handfull of markers manually and call it done. Smart Tempo in Logic Pro only seems to have existed since 2018, and it seems very few DAWs have a comparable feature (Ableton Tempo Follower is the only one I found in a quick search, which was introduced in 2021).

Since SynthV Studio is not a real-time synth and needs to render the output before playback starts, I expect it would be a major obstacle for it to match a tempo which is constantly changing in unpredictable ways. I would love to say something more optimistic, but it seems unlikely to be prioritized when it’s such a niche use case.


I wonder rhetorically if GPU rendering has been tried in the lab at DT

Narcissistic? For what, expecting bugs to be reported via email? Bugs only found in an opt-in beta version??? :rofl:

:grey_question: GPU = email :grey_question:
I fail to follow you … :yarn:

Don’t follow me. I don’t know where I’m going.
GPU: Graphics processing unit = High speed rendering graphics card that can be harnessed for auto processing too.

Dreamtonics has created a Google Form to collect feedback about the latest Pitch Mode changes:

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Thanks. I shared my feedback with them there. Hopefully they’ll listen.

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