[Request] Workflow improvement suggestions

I appreciate that you cannot please all DAW users but to help improve the workflow I would like to suggest the following feature requests:

Right Click Toolbox to include: Pointer, Pencil, Scissor (cut note), Glue (join next note), Eraser (delete note), Mute (mute note) - to access the current menu with right click use Ctrl/Cmd + right click (this feature request would save a serious amount of time). If you implement this then please have an option for the order of these tools to be reordered to match your own DAW

Loop: Save Loop settings with project

Lower Window/Upper Window Synchronisation: Allow an option for the Playhead cursor line in the Arranger Panel and the Piano Roll to be aligned

Parameter MIDI CC Input: Please allow MIDI Continuous Controller (CC) to be used to input the values of parameter types

Vibrato Control: I see you will implement it in Version1.9 - Great thank you.

If any of these suggestions are already implemented please forgive my ignorance - if they are not and have support I will email support.

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