Script request: copying and inverting parameter curve

Bear with me here, as I will try my best to explain what I would like the script to do: I would like to take the parameter curve from one parameter and transfer it to another, but in doing so, inverting the curve; that is, if for example the tension parameter curve is going downwards, that would, upon having executed the script, mean an upward direction for, for example, breathiness.

@claire : The script you provided me with the other week (Clone Parameter Curve) is simply brilliant – I cannot thank you enough for it! :sunny: It has already saved me so much time in editing parameters. And I cannot help but see that the above request could work pretty good as an extension to that script. Although, I might very well be rambling, in that it could be trickier to go that route rather than writing a new, standalone script.

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I think if you drag the “Scale” slider in that script to -100% it should do what you’re looking for!

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Oh my, how embarrassing – I will try the scale slider as soon as I’m back on my computer.