Help-- I installed the Beta 1.9 but it is limited to 25 bars

I am a licensed Pro user and installed the beta to 1.9. and realized that it is limited to 25 bars-- I have a project I need to complete for a client – how do I find and reinstall 1.801 again? I originally purchase this from AniCUTE–

Download the latest non-beta installer from the Dreamtonics Store:

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Thank you Claire for the download-- that was a big help… Now I need to figure out how to uninstall the beta and reinstall 1.8.1

It should be as simple as running the 1.8.1 installer, no uninstall necessary.

As for the 25 measure project length limit – I don’t think this is a limitation of the beta itself, but rather a limitation of the FLT (feature-limited trial) voices D-Lin and Ritchy.

I was able to load one of my old projects and render the whole duration without issue. If you’re not using D-Lin or Ritchy then this would be a bug, but otherwise things should work as long as you select vocalists that are not FLT versions.


Thanks-- I got it all back to the 1.8.1 and also using the 1.9 on my backup device so I willl do more testing. I appreciate your help Claire.