[Natalie, Solaria, Cong] Revenge Song (original rock/pop) (explicit lyrics)

Something a bit louder with my beloved Natalie on main- and Solaria and Cong on BG-vocals.


:laughing: This song surprised me!
The main voice is so soft and calm, chord progression is reassuring and melodic, the overall sound is positive … and the lyrics are BRUTAL :crazy_face:
I love it and I’ll keep singing it all day long :sparkling_heart:

Thanks for listening and your nice comment, furez!
The chorus is indeed catchy, I also sing it all day long and get strange looks from other people :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

:rofl: … so I’m not the only one :crazy_face:

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Catchy as hell, funny lyrics, great job
Natalie shines as usual

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Thanks for listening and your feedback, Sucrepop.
Even when Solaria is most probably the most versatile voice, Natalie is my favorite because she has something special the others don’t have.