Good morning everyone. Does anyone know how to change the colour of a track in the arrangement panel? My project involves a large number of tracks and to group them by colour would be helpful.

Track color can only be changed using scripts. There are plenty out there but I tend to prefer the ones by maiko:

Thanks Claire. That would be a very useful resource. Scripting though is above my pay grade lol. I wouldn’t know where to start and I wouldn’t want to risk somehow burning a hole in the software. But thank-you for replying so quickly. You’re helpful as always and much appreciated.

You don’t need to do any scripting yourself, just download the one maiko has already made from the link in my previous response and run it from the Scripts menu in SynthV.

If you need further instructions, check this page:

Brilliant! You are amazing. Thank you so much. It works like a charm, keyboard shortcut and hotkey mapped. It’s already making the flow easier.

I saw Maiko had a script for inserting breath sounds for added realism I presume. I’ve been creating my own breath sounds in Logic but creating them on SynthV seems to make sense. I downloaded it, rescanned and set up a hot key, but don’t seem to find a way to insert it in the pano roll. Can you help again please?

I haven’t used that script personally, but breath notes are just normal notes with “br” as their lyric.

I would guess the script adds one adjacent to the currently selected note.

edit: I gave the script a try, it inserts a br note immediately before a selected note, with the duration of the breath based on how much empty space there is before the selected note.

As usual, you’re spot on with your solution, thanks for that.
However I couldn’t hear any noticeable breath sounds having tried several different notes before which a vocalist might take a breath. The breath (br) ‘cloud’ was very thin and there seemed to be no way to increase its’ size. You’re probably shaking your head as maybe I’ve misconstrued the whole ‘breath’ thing. More reading of your manual required but for now I’ll stick to manually inserting breath sounds in Logic. It’s a learning curve for sure, but I’ll get there lol.

This is the breath effect I created in Logic, comes in 11 seconds into the verse. I was trying to create something similar in SynthV. Maybe it’s not possible?


Breath notes will make an inhalation sound similar to that. If it’s too quiet or not pronounced enough, you can use the Loudness and other parameters to adjust it just like you would any other note.


Hi Claire,
Thanks a lot for sharing this!!! I didn’t know about it and it will change my life!! (well, at leat just a bit when I’m in front of my DAW :rofl:)