[ SOLARIA ] No Echoes ( Pink Floyd / Led Zeppelin )

Showing Some Love to Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin
Thanks for having a listen! and thanks to Solaria for being fabulous :slight_smile:

P.S. Have a listen to my latest Album Featuring her here as well if you would like: :smiley:
[Full Album] Amen Awomen - (Prog/Alt-Rock) - YouTube


This song with solaria is really amazing! Good Job!

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Thanks for the kind words :sunglasses:

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I’m not familiar with the Led Zep number, but it’s INTERESTING to hear Echoes with a Female Lead vocal.

Floyd are notoriously difficult to emulate - but THAT is a really nice cover . . . .

(I would make the AsDic a bit lower in the mix and perhaps reduce the reverb a tad?)

Otherwise . . . . Excellent work :+1:


Hi there! Thanks for the kind words I do appreciate it, it was quite interesting to make as well (going for a more " chilled sunday evening at the jazzclub vibe") :slight_smile: but forgive the silly question, but I’m not quite sure what the terminology AsDic means? :see_no_evil: thanks again!

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AsDic is the “Ping” noise - and refers to the technology that Battleships used to locate submarines.

(Anti-Submarine Detection Investigation Committee.)

They output the “Ping” - and listen for the reflected “return” from the submarine. . . .

THEN, the time between each one is proportional to the distance . . . :wink:

I guess this is what PF were hinting at?

Ahh I get you! Thanks for the info. I simply just know it as the good ol laymens “Sonar ping” which I must admit is one of the most calming and pleasing sounds to my ears ( and probably the reason why its too loud in the mix as well :rofl: ) now if only YouTube would get that damn edit audio feature so that I don’t have delete and reupload :melting_face:

Yeah - wouldn’t it just ?

IIRC - SoundCloud allows you to “replace” with an updated version WITHOUT all the runaround . .

(altering all the links in other places where you have put them . . . . :roll_eyes:)

Well there you go! easily doable if the YouTube overlords wished it so…which they obviously don’t, to our impediment…but one can dream!:upside_down_face:

“Overlords” is a good term . . . !

(I CAN think of others) :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Oh yes that’s for sure. but then we shall invoke the wrath of the mighty banhammer…which is quite unproductive :smirk:

Ah Yes - INCREDIBLY useful - I use it when necessary over at Yamahamusicians and AlesisMusic

Where I moderate . . . .

(I actually ban-hammered a spammer within two minutes of him joining - while he was still online) :joy:

Hah! Surely a mighty superpower to have and behold indeed :sunglasses: :muscle:

WOW! I really like this job. Congrats :wink:

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Thank you for having a listen! :wink:

Nicely done. congrats