Glide or pitch bend?Script?

Hi everyone, I was wondering if there is a script or some other way to create an even glide between notes instead of manually altering the pitch transition between every note, which for a full song would be very time consuming?
Logic Pro and other DAWs can achieve this using pitch bend and by other means to create a glide, but this only works with midi and not audio files.
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If you have Instant Mode enabled the simplest thing would be to draw the curve manually.

If you don’t have Instant Mode enabled you can use the Transition sliders in the Note Properties panel to create a similar effect, though only to a maximum of 0.5 seconds before and after the note transition.

You could also insert multiple smaller notes between the two for a gradual change, though the pitch pattern will look more stepwise than smooth.

Drawing the curve will often be simplest and fastest, because you can insert whatever nuanced behavior you want and fine-tune things easily.

In 1.9.0b1 and onward this will change slightly. You’ll need to set the notes to “Manual” pitch mode to use the transition sliders.

A script would be possible, but scripts cannot detect the current pitch, only the note’s MIDI pitch and the Pitch Deviation parameter value, so it would still require Instant Mode to be disabled in order to start with a “flat”/default pitch curve.