Copy/Paste Notes and Parameters

Apologies if this is another really basic question;

In this example, say I have a verse and a chorus on 2 seperate tracks. I have adjusted pitch, loudness and other parameters for the chorus and simply want to copy the notes and all the adjusted parameters for the chorus and paste them following the verse on the same track. I’ve tried using simple copy/paste along with all the Select options but can’t seem to reproduce the same parameters that were on the original chorus line.

First select the notes, then right click and choose “Select Parameters for Notes”.

Then either copy-paste the selection, or group the selection and copy the group as a whole.


Great, easy when shown how, thanks. Now I know about grouping too, which makes my flow easier.

Hi @claire @Charles_Butler
Ive tried every variant I can find on the forum to copy the parameters from one section to another (I’m trying to copy multiple parameters from the 1st chorus to 2nd and 3rd choruses - slight variations to melody and phrasing in each so not grouped).

I can focus on a section, highlight all the notes I want to copy the parameters from, CTRL+ALT+A or EDIT/SELECT ALL PARAMETERS FOR NOTES or /SELECT ALL PARAMETERS, the parameters are highlighted, press CTRL+C / edit+copy, change focus to the 2nd chorus, and regardless of using CTRL+V or paste, either highlighting the notes section or right clicking in the parameter section nothing is pasted to the 2nd chorus parameter area. :thinking:

I did see a post from a dev saying ‘copy and paste of parameters was not possible and scheduled for V2’ but could be hacked by ‘creating a note, syncing parameters, move the note, de sync the parameters and then delete the note’ (cant find anything to do with syncing parameters either so that was a bust too:upside_down_face:)

Any suggestions oh knowledgeable ones?

Win 10 build 19045.2846
SV 1.8.1 and Solaria full version
Cakewalk v2022.11 build 021, 64 bit

The easiest method would be to group the selection, copy it, then disband the groups. That way you can be sure nothing got “left behind”.

The paste issue might be a result of your settings. Are you pasting based on the scroll position or the playhead position? It also could just be a bug.

I expect the post you found was from multiple years ago, since the “sync parameters” option doesn’t exist in SynthV Studio.

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again @claire - wow, speed of response is amazing :pray:

I always put my playhead at the start of the section before copy and when pasting to the new one but got to admit I’m not sure of the difference between playhead and scroll position??

What I have just this second discovered is my instance of SV (while using it as a VST which starts and stops with the DAW PLAY/PAUSE controls) is not actually ‘synchronized with host tempo’. Its a setting I just found under the PROJECT menu in SV. It plays in time but the measure count gradually slips out of sync after 50 or so measures. It might have some bearing on this problem (though i would expect that it shouldn’t as copy/paste is outside of the DAW but I’ll check and let you know either way).

oh yes, post was from 2019 :slight_smile:

Claire. I am trying to make the singer as realistic as possible. if I quantize then of course it does not , does any one have suggestions to make the voices sound more realistic as far as quantization. I have tried moving 1/32 ahead or behind he beat but would PPRECIATE any other ideas

You can also use the offset sliders for each note to shift the pitch and/or phoneme timing.

The Pitch Transition Offset slider is only available when using Manual Pitch Mode (v1.9.0b1+).

There are a few options for randomizing timing for many notes, which you can find here:

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