(1.9.0b1) Pitch Mode Opinions

In general, I like the features coming to Synthesizer V in version 1.9.0, but something about Pitch Mode really bothers me.
(Pitch Mode pictured below for clarity’s sake)
beta1.9.0b1 pitch mode

The new “Pitch Mode” feature defaults to “Sing” mode. Always. Personally, I think that if any mode should be default, it ought to be “Manual” mode! I understand why “Sing” being the default is sensible for many users.
However— “Sing” as default, does not work for every situation. For instance:

  • You’re covering a song and making the svp from scratch, therefore focusing on inputting correct lyrics first.
  • You already tuned most of the track and now you are just experimenting with adding breaths and other ornamentations in, but you don’t want to change the pitch bends anymore.
  • This track is mostly or exclusively made up of rap verses.
  • Making unrealistic vocals. You’ll have to select everything and reset the pitch as you go.

I wish you could set the preferred mode for new notes on a track by track basis. Maybe ‘right click’ on the track in the arrangement panel, and select from Manual, Sing, or Rap, for instance. Or there could be new buttons added near the track name, or singer name. Anybody else agree with this idea? Or have a better idea?
Honestly I wouldn’t even mind if it was simply changed such that “Manual” mode is the default, since you can also quickly change the tuning with ctrl + r, but currently my workflow gets slowed down by needing to get off of “Sing” mode every time I make a new note.

Otherwise good update. :blush:

…btw, I see the notice on the forum about emailing support. Anyone know if that’s just for bugs or do they also want this type of feedback?

There is a dropdown in the Settings panel to change the default pitch mode. This is an application-level setting (though maybe it would be even better if you could also override the global default for each Track/Group, like you say).

Any bug reports, feedback, product issues, etc. can be sent to Dreamtonics at [email protected].

They did specifically ask in the update notes for feedback on the color-coding of the piano roll, so I’m sure any other feedback about new features would also be welcome. Personally I’m hoping they got enough feedback about the color-coded notes that we’ll be allowed to customize it in some way, or at bare minimum toggle it on or off (ie tricolor vs all-green).

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ah, thanks for pointing out the setting to me! Guess I missed that before.

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