Downgrade (Question)

So its been a while since the last downgrade topic question, and maybe someone can help out with this question.

I’ve been working some days on a project but then updated to the newer beta version 1.9.0b1 (I never update while working on a project but features looked so cool and worthed a try lol).

So instant mode now is called Sing Mode and sets on by default (apparently) and it modified lot of work I did in manual mode. So tried to downgrade but everytime I reopen my project it goes back to the newest version. Is something I can do?

Extra data: Working on a Mac

How exactly did you try to downgrade? You should be able to run the 1.8.1 installer and it will replace the existing installed version (and therefore the 1.9.0b1 beta should no longer be present).

If that isn’t working, you can try uninstalling first, then running the older installer.

If you do need to re-download the old installer, you can get it from the Dreamtonics website: Dreamtonics Download

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Thanks for the link!

You see, when Synth V is opened on stand-alone mode it shows me the final v1.8, but when the project session where I’ve been working is opened, the story changes and It apparently keeps some kind of data from the v1.9.0b1. Really rare, isn’t it?

(screenshots uploaded)