S.O.S - Original song feat Solaria

Hello all,
My name is Dizzy Dreams. I’m a guitar player and do my hown music production (+ some mix service for others). But I’m not a singer :laughing:!!! I have played along with Vsynth and Soloria for a few weeks now. Love it!!! Please find her my new release featuring solaria as my singer. I play all the guitars and bass, drum is superior drummer 3. Mixed and produced on Cubase also using some analog gears. Let me know what you think …

S.O.S by Dizzy Dreams and Solaria


I like the whole thing musically, but it is a mystery to me what method you used to make Solaria sing so beautifully and with such tenderness. In my hands, Solaria tends to be an indomitable dragon.

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Thanks a lot! You need to play with the parameter to change the intention of the voice. Especialy the tension…

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Thank you for your advice. I sing bass so I don’t have a problem with Asterian at all and maybe as a guy I have a problem with A.I. singers (Solaria and other girls), because I’ve had a Synthesizer since the beginning of January 2023 and we older pensioners are such that we’re already going slower. I’m sure I’ll be able to do it in time too, when I hear beautiful examples of the work of more skilled people here.

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soloria sounds elegant and powerful!
would you tell you if you made this singing with only built in features
or you also use third-party script and plugin?

thank you for the great tuning

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VERY NICE DD . . . .

You certainly seem to have cracked the vocals with Solaria in SVS (Pro - I assume?)

VERY realistic.

I’ve not made the jump to “Pro” yet but I’m getting fidgety about it . . . :relaxed:

I believe there is no short-cut with SV. You simply have to learn by DOING.

Every scenario will be different - you just have to tweak 'til its right . . .

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Thanks a lot :pray: I use Synth V pro and played a lot with the parameters. I the exported the audio track separating the breath and the voice.I notched down the breath a bit and printed both tracks together on a mono track. This was mad to get ride of teh metalic sond that we get with virtual voice. I then traited the new track with plug-ins like I do with real vocal tracks…


Thanks Parametric :slightly_smiling_face: Well as you say their is no short cut. My way of learning to use it has been to cover a song and try to be as close as possible to the original. I choose Ariana Grande Position ! This wasn’t the easiest one to start with :crazy_face: It took me somthing like 15 hours to get the thing done and it’s not perfect! Ariana has a particular way of thinging with a lot of pitch changes and a tones of harmonization tracks… I didn’t do it to the letter but yeah… I learned a lot… stil have some progress to make! Check it out and let me know - 【SYNTHV】Ariana Grande - Positions Cover by Dizzy Dreams 【SOLARIA】

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Thanks for your sharing!

I just try out the lite version of solaria,

But it has some strange timbre in high frequency.

Now I’m hesitating to buy it :joy:

Sounds really good, Is a song relaxing and I liked the guitar of this song, tuning is great :blush:. Beautiful song :sparkles:

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JohannJEG, many thanks, I’m glad that you like it. :blush:

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Another nice job!

You seem to have very quickly grasped the basics of SVS and this is quite a polished result . . .

Good harmony arrangement too.

As a singer myself, I tend to sing my own compositions - however if I get brave enough to attempt

a cover, I’ll need to make the jump to (Pro) and get some Male voice databases

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Sounds great, hat off

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Thanks a lot Sucrepop​:pray:

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Really good job!!!
Both vocals and guitars sound good, and the composing is original. Love It!
I would only add some fills in the drums for making them more espressive, but It Is just
my personal taste.
Keep producing man, and i Will keep listen :wink: !

Thanks a lot for listening to my stuff furez, I’ll will listen two your next production too, keep up the good work!