SynthV decided to delete my voicebanks apparently

Today, when I got onto SynthV, I found that the only voicebank I had, Eleanor Forte, was apparently uninstalled from the software on my device. I’m unsure what might have happened, but it’s very frustrating to me because this means I can no longer work on my songs because I have no voicebank to use and it decided to unsave all my hard work. I’ve got no idea what’s going on but if anyone could explain or help, it would be much appreciated.

See, it is common to have your voicebank uninstalled during an update since there might be compatibility issues or something like that. You have definitely purchased the voicebank, and you just need to download the package and install it again. And if the editor asks you to input the activation code, just type it in. You won’t have to pay for it one more time.

And what do you mean by saying this?

it decided to unsave all my hard work

Does it mean that all your project files are deleted during the upgrade? Where did you save them?

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My work was unsaved during the update. In the future, how can I prevent that?

You didn’t mention anything about updating in your original post, can you be more specific about what happened?

Updating the software shouldn’t affect any SVP files that have been saved.