Strange behavior SynthesizerV / Mac OS Ventura?

Hi everyone,
I am having a strange little problem, since the switch with data migration from the old Mac Mini (Monterey) to the new Mac studio with Ventura, but I don’t know if it is due to this. Just experiencing a strange behavior of SynthV, where we have to type in letters and things.

Basically, now in Logic pro, especially “Synthesizer V” (but just in general with plugins), there is a problem of conflicts with keyboard commands, i.e.: using for example, spacebar, enter, Backspace, or any letter to enter lyrics in the VST, those commands are directed to the Logic window, instead of to the VST in question.

I can’t figure out what this is due to.

Do you have any tips? Maybe it’s just Via Ventura’s OS crapping out–I just don’t know.

Hi, this sounds very much like the problem I had. At least in my case this helped:
System preferences-> Accessibility->Keyboard , then make sure that on “Navigation” the “Enable Full Keyboard Access” is NOT checked. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I’ll take a look again… Anyway I have a hint from Dreamtonics Support Team it should be a Logic Pro issue, that has been forwarded to Apple.