AI voices of John Lennon and Paul McCartney?

I recently heard some AI generated Beatles tracks on Youtube. with AI voices of both John Lennon and Paul McCartney. does anyone know where I could purchase these voices ?

What you heard was likely an AI voice changer, not a commercial vocal synth. The difference is that a voice changer is more like a filter that you apply to an exisiting recording to make it sound like someone else’s voice.

Either way, whatever you heard has no relation to SynthV.


so my question would be; then if I had a voice track of someone else singing ( not in tune ) could i ‘change that to another persons voice or my own voice’ and it be completely in tune, or would the original voice have to be in tune to begin with?

Voice changers like diff-svc or Vocaloid Vocalochanger only apply a filter to a wav file, they do not allow you to edit individual notes. Vocalochanger does let you shift the pitch, but only by the same amount for the entire track.

Meaning yes, the quality of the output is highly dependent on the quality of the original file that is being filtered. You would need to sing the song exactly as you want it before running the filter to make it sound like someone else’s voice. Then if anything sounds wrong, you would need to re-record the original vocal, re-run the filter, and hope it comes out better.


ok thanks for the info.

Perhaps THIS may be of interest to you?

It’s a free plugin called ReaTune that comes with Reaper (The DAW I use)

Unlike Vocalochanger, it DOES allow tweaking of individual notes in an audio file . . . .

Perhaps you could use this first and then use the vocal changer?

It’s explained rather well in Kenny Gioia’s video here:

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Pitch correction tools are pretty common. Melodyne, Newtone, and Flex Pitch are all similar tools.

These are a normal part of music production, but they’re generally used to do subtle touch-ups to recordings that are already good to begin with. Making too many changes will result in distortion or other artifacts.

This is especially true if you are doing both extensive pitch correction and using a voice changer. Since AI voice changers often introduce a lot of imperfections on their own, combining the two is likely to exaggerate those artifacts.


hi thanks for the post, I hadn’t seen this vocal tuner before. I use Melodyne, and it is good, but its good to see some of the other things available.

I will wait until someone gets the voices I want into Synth V… Haha.