Receive MIDI and sync to pro tools

Hi, I’m very interested in the software. I have downloaded the basic version to experiment with but as a Pro Tools user I can’t manage to get it to sync to Pro Tools or receive midi information. Has anybody used this successfully with Pro Tools? Does the pro version allow MIDI input from Pro Tools?

There is no DAW integration with the Basic edition.

If you want to import MIDI to SynthV Studio you can do so via the file menu.

Even with the Pro edition, if I understand your question correctly it’s not going to do what you’re hoping. Using SynthV Studio as a VSTi or AU plugin is primarily for routing output to your DAW’s mixer.

SynthV Studio has its own separate piano roll from the DAW, because the notes have many properties that are not expressed in standard MIDI format; things like phonemes, phoneme timing, and a moment-to-moment pitch curve that is not handled in the same manner as MIDI pitch bends.

You technically can send MIDI to SynthV Studio from the DAW, but this is effectively just using your DAW track as a MIDI controller and it’s usually simpler to just export the file and import to SynthV.

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Thanks Claire, yes I want to have the music tracks playing in Pro Tools and make Synthesizer V lock to it. I assumed I would be writing onto the Synthesizer V piano roll via a Pro tools midi track. Like an external synth. What would be the best work flow to run with Pro Tools?

Its important to note that SynthV, like other vocal synth software, is not a real-time synth. That is to say, it must render the audio before playback, which also means it cannot adapt to real-time tempo changes.

It’s unclear what exactly you mean by “make Synthesizer V lock to it”, but if you’re hoping for real-time tempo synchronization, that’s not supported.

So as for the workflow you have two options.

  1. Use SynthV Studio standalone, render the wav file, drag it to your DAW, and treat it like any other vocal sample.
  2. Use it as a plugin. Load it as an instrument, and the output will be routed to your DAW mixer instead of needing to render to a wav file.

In both cases you will need to enter tempo and time signature changes into SynthV Studio which match your DAW project – they will not be automatically detected.

In both cases you can import a MIDI file or enter your notes via a MIDI controller, but the rest of the vocal work must be done within SynthV Studio.

(using the software as a plugin and MIDI controller support are both Pro features, of which you can find a list here: Synthesizer V Studio Pro - Dreamtonics Store)

You can find more about basic operation of the software here:

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Synth v doesn’t have aax plugin so you would need a third party plugin converter such as Bluecat Patchworks. I have used that with synth v in Protools. I actually find myself using the standalone synth v and exporting audio files which I then import into protools

Brilliant. Thank you.

Hi nigelf,
Did you find out how to sync protools and Sinthesizer V?