Honkai:Star Rail | Interstellar Journey (Japanese Ver.) 【Synth V - Mai】

Hi there! I love this song but sadly there was no JP version, so I made it with Mai’s voice and some real background vocals. I hope you like it :sparkles:

こんにちは!この曲が大好きで、日本語で聴きたかったんです。でも、日本語バージョンがなかったんです!だから、自分で作ってみました:relieved: ぜひ聴いてみてください!:sparkles:


I really like this, Mai sounds good in this … but to me, the real backing vocals need lifting in the mix.
I was disappointed when the track finished so soon, I do feel this could easily support a couple more verses :hugs:

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Thank you for your feedback! I’ll double check those backing vocals next time. I’m glad you like it ^^