New song with Solaria outfront and Mai helping out


Great Chord sequence nicely performed . . .

I like the pause in the accompaniment too . . .

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I guess, if you going to do a “cover”, it makes sense that it’s a great track . . .

Like this one . . . . :+1:

It’s not a cover. It’s an original song. I’m sorry if I misread your meaning and thank you for the :+1:

Oops . . . .My misunderstanding. When you posted The Ruth Harland Band - I assumed it was a cover

Never mind - more kudos to you for the original song . . . :grin:

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Thank you. Ruth is my musical persona I’m Bo everywhere else. And I’m glad you think it’s a good song! :blush:

Catchy track, radio friendly, nice production & orchestration, Solaria sounds great as usual. bravo

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Can I just add, this is an original song featuring Solaria.