Applying these will create catapult this franchise to rockstar status.

Applying these will create catapult this franchise to rockstar status. I already posted about this, but even Jordan Rudess has tried these products so let’s keep the momentum going and make some heavy strides towards heavy metal superstardom this decade!

  1. MORE MULTILINGUAL VOICEBANKS - I’m not talking banks with one language with support for other language inputs - I’m talking banks recorded in multiple languages. Hololive and Nijisanji may have popularised the multilingual trend but it was all started by some grassroots bunch of no-name kids by the name of One Minute Winter. That said bunch of no-name kids happens to be a Synthesizer V user and they all seem to want to make multilingual Synthesizer V songs but they just can’t! Don’t let this go to waste!

  2. FEMALE ROCK/METAL VOICEBANKS - As a rock/metal producer, I kid you not, I have to say that the number one mistake vocal synth companies are making is that they are all under the assumption that a male vocal is best suited for a rock/metal song, and the reality doesn’t even come close. The reason why most rock/metal singers are male is because people had to work with what they had, and female metalheads were hard to come by, so everybody basically had to try to be the next Rob Halford, singing screeching highs that female sopranos were meant to sing, because that’s where the money notes are in metal and there wasn’t anyone else willing to lend a hand. Having a high soprano metal vocal will be sure to change all that! Stop trying to think what rock/metal producers would want! The real answer is over here!

  3. ESPAÑOL - POR FAVOR FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! We already have some Spanish-speaking big names coming over to this franchise. CAP-I-TAL-ISE. Please! I know I said I don’t support Spanish but gawd, I discovered all the hate he has against the Vocaloid fandom and I’m actually inclined to agree, and even he wants to give this franchise a chance! Don’t turn this away! Three words! Spanish Voicebank Brands! I know so many Spanish-speaking friends that all want Spanish SynthV songs and banks! We are mere steps away from turning half the world into rockstars! Spanish Voicebank Brands! Make it happen!

  4. GERMAN, FRENCH, SWEDISH, OTHER EUROPEAN LANGUAGES - Yes, the more languages that are supported the better, but German and French in particular really hits close to home. I’m a mod of a German-speaking Discord server and I know they’re going to go real cray over German support. French? It hits even closer, as a Canadian over here! I paid good money retaking French classes and I’m not ready to come to terms that I learned all that for nothing!

  5. KOREAN - @#$% IT! Let’s throw Korean in here too! Yea, I said I dislike the idea of Korean being supported and that’s coming from a Korean, but wanna know why I said that? It’s because if Korean banks were to release, everyone’s going to mostly start making K-pop song covers and I’m sick of hearing K-pop! But you know what?! Real Korean music is starting to slip through the cracks and bands like Idiotape and Jaurim and Bursters are really representing true Korean music! So honestly, I support Korean voicebanks now! Let’s make reality freeze seven times over! An old arcade game from South Korea that used to be a relatively unknown game in the rest of the world is now the reason why Korean music is so important to the planet! SAVE THIS WORLD! Let there be Korean rock!



I would LOVE a metal female vocalist!!


Spanish (ESPAÑOL) would be a hit!!!


So… uhhhh… a TL;DR:
1/ Female rock-oriented voicebank.
2/ More languages support, notably Spanish and Korean.
3/ Multilingual voicebank.

I do pop and electronic so will not comment on 1 - though the more the merry.

With 2, the idea of multilingual voicebank isn’t new, in fact, we already had Maki. But with what current AI banks can do with cross-lingual synthesis making a multilingual voicebank doesn’t make any sense technical-wise at all, since a Japanese AI bank is now capable of singing in English, Cantonese and Mandarin just with a simple dropdown button, and vice versa. I also don’t get why you thought Hololive and Nijisanji started the multilingual trend - sure, some talents/livers are multilingual, but not all; hell my Hololive JP oshi barely speak English - but that’s another discussion.

Now, point 3. Agree on Korean and Espanol support as soon as possible, but for now I guess you could make do with existing Korean and Spanish dictionary; possibly phoneme-fu as well. Yes, it’s tedious and all, but ain’t no way more tedious than comping 46459218347439331 vocal takes work that the usual vocal producer has to do, right?

plus i don’t want synthv to be a rockstar I want it to be a popstar is it wrong

I agree with everything said.

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ロック向きの声の女性ボイスバンクとしては、kasane tetoなどがあります。
私の推測ですが、synthesizer vが技術的な問題を最近克服し、より激しい声を合成できるようになった事で、ninezero・kasane tetoといった激しい声のライブラリが連続で発表されたのではないかと思います。

correction: female rock/metal English voicebanks (with extra high soprano ranges)

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