Incorrect rendering with Muted/Soloed tracks

I don’t consider this to be a major bug as the fix is simply un-soloing every track but I figured I’d post about it anyways since one of my previous reports was apparently seen.

When bouncing tracks to files, if any tracks are muted/soloed, the file will be rendered almost entirely silent, but not completely. If these files are normalized (which i frequently do) it causes the vocals to be extremely loud and crunchy.
The workaround at the moment is to make sure every track you’ve selected for rendering is unmuted and that no tracks are soloed. It’s a little unfortunate to have to do this every time but it is not a major issue to me.
Expected behaviour should either unmute all selected tracks for rendering, or simply do not render muted tracks. I’m unsure how long this has been an issue but I have been dealing with it for quite some time, much before recent updates.

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