Question on Synthesizer V AI: Cross-lingual Singing Synthesis

This is a newbie question, I tried to look for the answer but I am not clear. I have an song from one of my artists and I want to change her voice on that song to Japanese, where can I find the step by step instructions to do that?

Cross-lingual synthesis is a feature that allows a voice database to access phonemes for languages other than the main/“native” language it was originally developed for. It’s not a feature that can be used to modify recordings of a human vocalist.

Voice databases for SynthV Studio are commercial products. There is no support for user-made voice databases.

Oh I got it now. What if I typed in the same lyrics and used the same track, the voice would not be identical, but then could the song be a cover by the AI voice in Japanese?

The software will not translate the lyrics for you.

Some voice databases are created for Japanese (Mai, Koharu Rikka, Kasane Teto, etc.).

Others are created for English (Solaria, Eleanor Forte, Jun, etc.).

Mandarin Chinese voice databases are also available, with Cantonese being added soon.

Cross-lingual synthesis allows any of these AI voice databases to sing in any supported language, often with some degree of an accent.

The user still needs to enter the correct lyrics. If you enter English lyrics and select Japanese, the software will produce odd results because you’ve provided contradictory inputs.

You can read about basic usage of SynthV Studio here:

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Thank you Claire, much appreciated!

If SynthV support for user-made voice databases that will be SOOOO Amazing software in the world.
i hope so~ :star_struck:

@lindaxiong ユーザー作成の音声データベースをサポートしている有料ボーカルシンセは私の知る限りありません。 :cry:
なぜなら、ユーザー作成の音声データベースをサポートする事は、公認していないデータベースを作成される事であり、ライセンス料金を取れなくなるからです。(Synthesizer VならDreamtonicsが、VOCALOIDならYAMAHAが、他社にデータベース作成を許可する代わりにライセンス料金を受け取っています。)加えて、データベース作成ツールの公開は、技術流出のリスクもあります。ライセンス料金を支払った信用のある会社ならともかく、不特定多数に公開するのはリスクです。

また、低品質なデータベースを公開されることでSynthesizer Vブランドに傷が付く可能性もあります。Youtubeなどに投稿された楽曲で、使用したVSTiを記述する文化はほぼないため、KONTAKTが低品質なデータベースを公開されても、KONTAKTブランドに傷は付きませんが、ボーカルシンセではVOCALOIDを使っただとか初音ミクを使っただとか記述する文化は一般的なため、「Synthesizer Vってこんなに音痴なの? :unamused:」と悪評が立ってしまう可能性があります。公式と非公式を区別できる知識のあるリスナーは少ないです。


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A long time ago it was said somewhere that SynthV (Dreamtonics) did not and were not going to support the creation of user made voice banks because they didn’t want dilution of the voice bank offerings by sub standard voice banks. That they wanted the utmost technically possible quality voice banks in the wild representing the engine’s capability.
Or something to that effect, and I can understand.